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Av-Stak Systems, Inc. is a Florida based corporation whose primary business is the design and construction of multi-story, fully computerized and or fully automated aircraft hangars. Av-Stak Systems, Inc. has a patented design of our airplane hangar system which can be built to to any size, (length, width, height).

Our multi-story hangars have many features which make them unique and highly desirable. Based upon the number of planes stored, the number of stories provided and the ultimate design shape and size they can save a substantial amount of land over conventional single story, hangars thereby providing new opportunities for new Airport Economic Development.

These efficient hangars can be designed to meet up to Category Five Hurricane standards, can be built above the flood plane, would be equipped with a fire suppression system, be fully monitored by cameras and other electronic security devicrs, be constructed of non-combustible construction materials and provide ready airplane retrieval in a matter of minutes. They are provided, when requested, with an emergency generator and a U.P.S. systems to keep them on line during power failures.

The storage of airplanes in one of our multi-story hangars helps to eliminate hangar rash, protects airplane paint finishes, isolates the planes from unwarranted contact by unauthorized individuals, keeps the planes out of normal sun, wind and rain, hail, etc.

A major consideration for airport owners and operators is that our multi-story hangars, gives ability of placing more airplanes on an airport. If an airport is fully built out our hangars can significantly increase the number of planes on a smaller footprint of land. By increasing the number of planes on the airport, the FBO will realize a proportionate increase in hangar rental income, fuel sales and general aviation services rendered to airplane owners. This alone will significantly increase the economic vitality of the airport & surrounding community.

As airports become land locked due to encroaching and surrounding development our multi-story hangars make better use of the existing airport land by going up. 360 planes can be stored on approximately three acres of land rather than approximately 28 acres of land. This means that an FBO or local municipality will recaptur, on site, many acres of land for new uses and new airport development. In most cases this land is already owned by the airport thus avoiding the need to purchase this land at additional expense. Our multi-story hangars can lead to renewed economic vitality for the airport and the local community by providing land opportunities which may not have been previously available. This is especially true for completely built out airports, which are completely surrounded by development.

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There is a Patent on our Av-Stak Systems Inc. Multi-Story Hangar Concept and Design.