What People Say

"If we had your hangar we would have saved over $40,000,000 in lost or destroyed Aircraft and Hangars as a result of Hurricane Charley" Gary Quil - Airport Manager Charlotte County Airport, Florida.

"This is a hangar whose time has come" - We have heard this same sentiment every where we go.

Several people in the Insurance Industry have said that our hangar may be one of a very few hangar designs which will meet the requirements for "Wind Damage Coverage in Florida or other Coastal Areas."

"This Hangar Design Is Great! Please tell your Architect and the rest of your team that I am really impressed with how this idea has evolved. You really have something here!" - Henry Van Kesteren - Pilot & retired FBO at Albert Whitted Airport St. Petersburg, Florida.

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There is a Patent on our Av-Stak Systems Inc. Multi-Story Hangar Concept and Design.