Av-Stak Systems, Inc.
Contact Information

Thomas Brew - President & Director Industrial / Mechanical Designer
Deceased - He is dearly missed by all of us.

Don Morris - Vice President, Director of Aviation Technology, Webmaster &
Commercial Pilot with over 50 years Aviation experience.
727-422-8543, Email: alice@hrtrains.com

Dr. Eric Whitted, PHD - Av-Stak founder and past president
Deceased January 20, 2014 - He is dearly missed by all of us.

Steven D. Lange, R.A. - Architect
727-331-1809, Email: thlangecorporation@gmail.com

William Slicker Esq - Secretary & Attorney

John Bowman - Treasure & CPA

Eric P. Olsen, PE - Structural Engineer
727-467-9300, Cell: 727-580-7325

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