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The photo above is a cut away view of one of our Av-Stak Systems Hangars showing the interior steel construction. This version of our hangar uses a tower crane to move the aircraft up and down and back and forth along the inside wall of the hangar to a vacant storage position within the hangar.

In the picture above the tug has just completed pulling an aircraft up onto the storage pallet, which is over the turn table, where it is tied down. A free roaming transporter then moves under the pallet and then moves it on to the tower crane.

The tower crane then lifts the aircraft and pallet until it arrives at an available storage location. The free roaming transporter then lifts the pallet and moves the pallet into the center of the hangar into an available storage location. The free roving transporter then returns to the tower crane and waits for the next aircraft to be stored or retrieved.

The hangar can be enclosed with eight (8") inch thick steel reinforced, tilt up, concrete wall panels. The only openings into the hangar are the doors where the tower cranes first accepts the aircraft for storage. The whole operation is totally automated. It is controlled by a computer and there is normally no human access to the inside of the hangar other than for normal hangar maintenance.

The hangar can have security cameras and other electronic security devices inside and out. It is equipped with a fire sepression system and the pallets are designed to catch any flammable liquids from the planes they carry. There is a system that emits white noise that discourages birds and other animals from entering the hangar. The hangar can also be equipped with its own emergency generator and battery back up system (U.P.S.) to keep the computers on-line in the event of a power failure.

The Av-Stak Systems G.A. Hangar can also be designed to meet up to Category Five Hurricane standards making it one of the most secure and safest places to store your aircraft. "It truly is a Hangar whose time has come".

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