G.A. Hangar Drawings
These hangar drawings represent a prototype for a 120 plane hangar on little more than one acre that can be expanded to more than 360 aircraft on approximately three acres. It can be built to meet up to category five Hurricane standards. The hangar is a multi-story fully computerized and fully automated aircraft hangar. The hangar can be built to any size, (length, width, height) It has a fire supersession system, it can have a stand by generator, U.P.S. and battery back up system, a white noise system that discourages rodents and other animals from entering the hangar. The hangar has a security system including video and other electronic means.
Another impressive consideration, that is a direct result of our multi-story hangars, is the ability of placing more airplanes on an airport. If say, an airport has two hundred (200) planes and is fully built out; our hangars can allow the increase of two, three, four or more times as many planes on a smaller footprint of land. By increasing the density of planes on the airport, the FBO will realize a proportionate increase in hangar rental income, fuel sales and general aviation services rendered to airplane owners. This alone will significantly increase the economic vitality of the airport & surrounding community.
As airports become land locked due to encroaching and surrounding development our multi-story hangar makes better use of the existing airport land by going up. Our prototype of 360 planes can be built on approximately three acres of land rather than approximately 28 acres of land. What does this mean? It means that an FBO or local municipality has recaptured, on site, approximately 25 acres of land for new uses and new airport development. In most cases this land is already owned by the airport thus avoiding the need to purchase this land at additional expense. Our multi-story hangars can lead to renewed economic vitality for the airport and the local community by providing land opportunities which may not have been previously available. This is especially true for completely built out airports, which are completely surrounded by development.

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