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This model depicts our prototype design that we had hoped to build on the Albert Whitted Airport in St. Petersburg Florida. It's exterior represents a style similar to the first hangar for the Goodyear Blimp which was based here at Albert Whitted Airport very early on in it's long and colorful history. Although this hangar was not built in St. Petersburg it has served as a display model for other comunities that have shown an interest in solving crouded conditions in many other areas of the country.
This Av-Stak Systems hangar model represents a four story hangar which can house 360 general aviation aircraft on less than three acres. It can be built to meet up to category five hurricane standards. This is where the aircraft will arrive and depart from the hangar. The elevator is on the right, the aircraft pallet and turntable in the center and palet dispenser on the left.
This view looks down on the turntable (in orange), The Pallet which the aircraft is stored on while in the hangar (in red) and the "T' car (in blue) which transports the pallet and aircraft to the elevator and into it's storage location. This view looks down from the top of the elivator. The entire storage and retreval process is a fully automated computer controoled operation. It helps to eliminate hangar rash and can quickly retrive aircraft when needed.
The interior of the hangar can be seen in this downward looking cut away view. An aircraft can be seen on it's red storage pallet and the Blue "T" car which is going back for the next aircraft. This shows a cutaway view of the interior of this four story hangar. It is estimated that it would take less than ten minutes to retrieve even the most distant aircraft in the hangar.
We could not resist putting this AWA logo (seen at the right) on our hangar model. It can still be seen on Hangar # One at (SPG) Albert Whitted Airport in St. Petersburg, Florida, which is now on the National Register for Historic Buildings.
This Hangar was actually the birthplace of National Airlines in 1934. National eventually merged with Pan American World Airways in Miami. Both airlines have however faded away and now remain only as a memory.

If you look closely near the center of the western interior wall of this historic hangar you will find a metal door that has the words "NATIONAL AIRLINES OPERATION CENTER" barely visible through layers of paint which have been worn off over time.

If you ever plan on visiting St. Petersburg, Give me a call at 727-422-8544 and I will give you a personal tour of our airport including historic Hangar #1. I can also show you where the very first commercial airline flight took place On January 1, 1914 and much more.

Don Morris

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